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Yuuhi + Moon on the Water + Iris mashup!
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Yuuhi + Moon on the Water + Iris mashup!

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akai SKY returns home for a Bay Area show

akai SKY will play a show at the 2nd annual Japan Expo at the San Mateo Events Center. Saturday, August 23 More info

  • 2 Shows in Fresno for Ani-Jam (August 16-17)

    The last time akai SKY was in Fresno was in 2011, and we’re now scheduled to be back. Get ready to jam along to not one, but two, exciting akai SKY shows at Fresno’s very own anime convention, Ani-Jam. Continue reading

  • 2 New Shows in May: Sacramento & San Jose

    Two new shows have been added – get excited Sacramento & San Jose! We’re talking to you Fanime attendees! Continue reading

  • Blog: Yoshiki Classical

    Last night, I went with some friends to see Yoshiki Classical in San Francisco at the Davies Symphony Hall and it was one of the most diverse looking audiences I have ever seen in my life. On one end of the spectrum, you had the type of people that are season ticket holders for the Symphony which included a lot of grey-haired conservative types. On the other end of the spectrum, you had dressed-down teenagers that looked like they could have been going to see a concert at the nearest rock club. Continue reading

  • David Cox is the new SKYer of the Month

    The April 2014 video is dedicated to David from Sacramento, CA who likes drawing, mooing and reblogging. He has the strange nickname of “Rabbiman” even though he isn’t Jewish. That has prompted the band to take its first stab at

  • New Show: UC Merced Asian Fest SUPER SHOW

    akai SKY makes it first visit to Merced, CA for the 9th Annual UC Merced Asian Fest. Come for the live music, entertainment and delicious food and make sure to stay and rock out with akai SKY at the SUPER

  • akai SKY now on Pandora and your local radio!

    akai SKY has now invaded Pandora and your local radio! Recently akai SKY had submitted 2 American J-Rock tracks to Pandora… and they have been approved! It will take a few weeks for processing, but don’t be surprised if while